Terra Tours Halloween Tour

Let the expert tour guides from Terra Tours take you on a magical journey to haunted and enchanted Amsterdam. During the tour, our guides will regale you with divine and devilish stories from the past as you’ll gather mystical components for a protecting enchantment that will keep you safe from even the vilest demons and most seductive succubi you will encounter at the Amsterdam Halloween Festival’s main event: The UNDERWORLD!

  • Duration: 2 /2 ½ hours
  • Price: 20 Euros
  • Group size(s): 5-15 people
  • Language: English and/or Dutch spoken

Tour includes:

  • Welcome with a tasty beverage at the Corvershof, a hidden garden which dates back to 1721
  • A snack to keep your spirits up in the middle of the tour
  • All materials for crafting an enchanted relic that will protect you
  • Karma boost: sustainable tour leaves the city cleaner, greener, happier and healthier than you found it
  • Free ferry ride included
  • For 5 Euros, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of vegan home made pumpkin soup with bread half an hour before the start of the tour or after the tour ends, depending on the time of the tour. Reserve beforehand!

The tour can take place between the 16th of October and the 3rd of November, starting between 10 AM and 8 PM. To book, send a message noting group size, your preferred tour date and starting time and be sure to include your contact information! Send it to: niels@terratours.nl or luuk@terratours.nl. If you have any questions, feel free to email us or call Luuk on +31 648790108.