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Tourist Save The World – The Good Deed City Tour For Groups

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The Tourist Save The World Tour is the original good deed tour, where young local Tour Guides guide groups of visitors and expats to the streets with a plan, bringing practical materials, a route through beautiful spots, a selection of our 39 voluntary good deed missions and explanatory stories to help visitors understand why these matters. It’s a 2-3 hour custom-made city walk in which we explain and show how we can help making our city…. well, better. With good deed missions like Guerilla gardening. Giving manicures to the elderly. Showing the local fireman that they are all right. Fixing lanterns on the streets. For the good of the world, for making it nicer for the locals to have tourists in their neighborhood, but also for ourselves as a new touristy way to understand our beautiful city in a new light, by doing something, something good, together, the fun way.

We, as Terra Tours, part of the non-profit Terra Futura foundation love organizing this tour for any type of group, and as its pricewinning “inventors” we are currently the first and only organization offering this touristic activity, worldwide. We have had groups of elderly, backpackers, honeymooners, even businessmen, it all seems to work as long as its within our language capability (English, German, Spanish & Dutch).

If you would like to have a tour in Amsterdam, of another Dutch city, contact us, we love to organize it for you. Since we prepare per group, we request you to understand that the earlier you will book, the more easy it will be for us to say yes, especially of your group is large. In our experience, we craft the program for the tours individually by assessing wishes, needs and potential of the participants of the groups who ask us to organize it for them, and for this reason we have discontinued mass-selling tour-tickets in Amsterdam via the large outlets (like Tours&Tickets, Yellow Bike & National Railways) since summer 2013, we prefer the personal approach.

Costs: We organize our good deed tours non-profit, but not for free, for there are materialcosts, crew-members and preparation time involved, don’t even call if you have no budget at all for funding our costs. And please or email call if you do! [/column] [column size=”1/2″]

Contact information for bookings and questions:
Email: tjerk@terratours.nl
Phone: +31614034299
Location: Netherlands, we have multiple offices in Amsterdam


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